Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I like makeup, and things of that nature so sometimes I'll blog about it.

Sometime last week, I was lurking around the drug store makeup isle (as I often do), and I came across this

It's Hard Candy's "Fox in a box" Blusher quad. Obviously, I couldn't resist the box, and just hoped for a decent product on the inside. As you can see (if you can see, wow look at that glare) the brush is pink. It's very cute any what not, but it's pretty terrible. The colors are pigmented enough and it can look a tad chalky because you have to take your time to build it up. Overall I don't regret buying it. It's not terrible. I've seen some ladies with lighter skin than I saying it looked a bit clownish on them, but it was subtle enough for me. Mostly the point of this post was to show you how cute the box is anyway. Anyway, next post will be a post on some of my favorite models! yay~

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